Jeff Porcaro

In 1991, Jeff Porcaro was recording tracks for a project with Scott Page at the Walt Tucker studios. The 2nd floor studio at WT had a bank of north-facing windows – great for photography – so-so when the trains would pass on San Fernando road.

It was a Saturday or Sunday, if I recall correctly, and things were very low key. I was loitering with cameras in hand and asked if he minded if I took some pictures. Fortunately he didn’t mind.

Jeff died not too long after. It was so sad – he was only 38. His death was a huge loss.

Modern Drummer ran my shots for their remembrance issue – an admittedly horrible cover shot (Agfa 1000 pushed to 3200 – I was experimenting), but several of these shots ran inside the magazine.


11 Responses to “Jeff Porcaro”
  1. Cherie Lynnae Whitaker says:

    What a treasure to find!

    A sad day still, when we lost Jeff. such talent, and a really nice guy too.

    Thanks Michael and Tanya for sharing. I think I need to go put a Toto CD on now. Just in that mood.


  2. Jeanne Hines says:

    Michael, thanks so much for “experimenting” that day….yes, we all miss Jeff very much.

  3. Theresa says:

    There is SUCH an intensity about Shot 6 in this series. That’s one of my favorite photos of Jeff.
    Great sequence, Michael. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Becky says:

    Michael: these are great shots of Jeff! Any chance of getting prints?
    I would love to frame a couple.


  5. Brent says:

    Thanks so much for these awsome shots. I had the good fortune of going to high school with Toto. Saw Jeff and “Los Lobotomy” with Steve Lukether at the Baked Potato Club in the Valley. An amazing evening where the stage was very small and Jeff was setting up his drums on the left of stage. I will never forget the intensity and care he spent. The club was tiny and I was about 4 feet from him at the bar. Here is a guy who has played on virtually every studio album of the 79′s and 80′s, performed in front of thousands of fans in stadiums and venues all over the world and was still “in the zone” in this tiny club. Joni Mitchell happened into the club later that evening and played a 4 song set. I brought this to Lukes attention on his sight and it blew his mind that someone remembered this gig. I went to see Jeff’s gravesite at Forest Lawn and it was awe inspiring to this day that drummers from all over the world leave drum sticks and notes in remberence. I am sorry to be so long winded but these pictures struck a chord with me.


  6. Rob says:

    Amazing pics, Jeff had ‘that’ something you can’t tell. 19 years later his influence is still here. Saw him performing with Toto several times live in Europe, still miss that unique groove.

    Thanks for posting!

  7. Jennifer Lucas says:

    Mesmerizing, beautiful, – a perfect document of Jeff Porcaro. Loved Forever.

  8. Dennie Heye says:

    Michael, thanks for sharing these pictures of Jeff. I will share these in the upcoming weeks via my Twitter account (@JeffPorcaro99). I am going to post a tweet with a picture, song or quote about Jeff for a year to remember him. Your pictures will be welcomed by Jeff’s fans around the world.

  9. Caroline Parker says:

    Always searching for unseen images of Jeff, I came across yours this evening and just so grateful you have shared this rare and stunning study. You were lucky to have met the man that have inspired so many of us to strive for perfection, what a wonderful addition to his legacy! Thank you so much Michael.

  10. Erwin Bodenstein says:

    Hi this is really cool, one of my All time favorite drummers Mr Jeff Porcaro. I am having custom Acoustic ArtPanels ( made with my favorite drummers printed onto them for my studio. I really really Love this picture but I can’t seem to get a really high resolution of anywhere as they require high resolution images for best results. Can anybody help me track down a copy of “Jeff Porcaro 6″ in a really high resolution as this would go so perfectly in my studio with the rest of the legendary drummers as a kind of “thank you” for helping me fall in love with this instrument? I really appreciate any and all assistance

  11. Mbloom says:

    Erwin – this is the largest version of this image that I have, unfortunately. Sorry I don’t have anything larger any longer.

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